For whom? Preschoolers & Kindergarten, kids ages 3-5 y/o

── About This Course ──

Infant English Course

Learning English could be boring & difficult to preschool kids but with our Infant English course, we make sure that kids will be having fun while learning English. We will incorporate music during classes. make use of flashcards and other fun activities. With our creative and animated lesson style and material, they will learn new words & phrases, learn phonics, new songs, and practice writing English. They will love and enjoy English more. The more they enjoy it, the more they would love to speak it.


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── Course Content ──

Infant Course Outline

We make sure that kids at this course will enjoy and love learning English. So we prepared programs or lessons that will put a smile on their faces as they learn English.

Our Lesson materials are specially designed to achieve our lesson objectives. We will introduce basic vocabulary & phrases, simple songs and learn about the alphabets with phonics.

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Tuition Fee Details

We offer an afforable Monthly price with free two (2) trial lessons and free use of lesson materials.

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