For whom? For High School Students who have a background in speaking English and would love to improve more their communication skills.

── About This Course ──

High School English Course

Students at this course are getting more confident and trying their best to speak English. Through this course we will help them enjoy speaking in English more. We will provide interesting free conversation topics, or use some English books for their vocabulary and new phrases, as well as to polish their reading and listening skills. This lesson will be depending on the interest of the student so he/she will be more interested to speak his/herself in class w/ confidence. This course will be a good stepping stone if they want to take English tests like Eiken, etc.

── Lesson Content ──

Sample Lesson Approach for a 25-minute Class

Sample Lesson Outline

Lesson Outline
  • - To make student speak more in class
  • - To learn how to construct their own English sentences and speak themselves with the given topic.

English Diary

── Fee Details ──

Monthly Lesson Fee

Monthly Lesson Fee

¥9000 / month
Target Age:

High School Students (from 16-18 y/o)

Number of Lessons:

1 lesson/day (25minutes)

Free Trial Lessons:

Yes (2 free trial lessons + free consultation)

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