For whom? For Elementary students who want to build-up and improve the basics of English.

── About This Course ──

Elementary English Course

This course is for those kids who has a little background in English (also for beginner ones). We will be focusing on the basics of English (Reading, writing & speaking). We will be using some helpful textbooks like Let's Go English books. Materials will be discussed in a kid friendly way (easy to understand). They will learn new words & phrases, practice basic reading skills as well as basic writing skills. Our lesson will motivate them to speak English more, with our fun exercises and games.

── Lesson Content ──

Sample Lesson Approach for a 25-minute Class

Sample Lesson Outline

Lesson Outline
  • - To learn about the basic greetings in English
  • - To practice using these phrases in a role play
  • - Review the alphabets
Vocabulary & Phrases
  • Hello -Hi
  • Nice to meet you! - Nice to meet you too!
  • My name is ___ - I'm ____
Phrase of the Day:

Please - No, Thank you!

── Fee Details ──

Monthly Lesson Fee

Monthly Lesson Fee

¥7000 / month
Target Age:

Elementary Students (from 5 y/o)

Number of Lessons:

1 lesson/day (25minutes)

Free Trial Lessons:

Yes (2 free trial lessons + free consultation)

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