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── About Us ──

Welcome to our School!

We provide fun English 25-minute lessons online through Skype. Affordable lessons with organized curriculum especially designed to each student's level. Our School offers fun and convenient online English lessons and we are dedicated to provide quality, affordable and effective English lessons to kids from 2 years to 13 years of age.

Original Lesson Materials especilly designed and carfted for the students level.

Affordable Lesson plans

Personalized and effective lesson feedback

We provide English classes based on age groups (from Preschool to Junior High)

── About Our Fees ──

How much for a Lesson?

Infant Course

For kids ages 3-4 (Preschool Age)

¥5000 Per month / 5 lessons a week (Mon-Fri)

Elementary Course

For kids ages 5-10 (Elementary Age)

¥7000 Per month / 5 lessons a week (Mon-Fri)

Junior High Course

For kids ages 12 and Up (Junior High Age)

¥8500 Per month / 5 lessons a week (Mon-Fri)

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